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butt shifting

Okay I've finally moved. To the ever-popular blogger.com.


Hurhuri'll miss LJ.


seeya there nya.

i donno how to be emo

Yay it's the start of recess week. I guess a lot of people are busy with projects and midterms but I'm pretty free this time round *cross fingers* Somehow I always jinx it when I say I'm free so i better not be too self assured yet.

Anw I've been watching videos and catching up on manga (like wad's new :/). I'm finally watching 命中. hahahha ok i know i'm slow but it's better than not starting at all. After I'm done with the series, I shall continue with Bad Love and Maou. Hahahahha i shall leave the last episode of Maou to the day before school reopens. Then I can go to school feeling more sian than ever. Great plan.

I've just been talking to pl. Complaining about school and stuff. I just don't get why this sem's particularly sickening. Like there's absolutely nothing to look forward to. My core lecturer is boring. He mumbles jokes and I donno why it seems like everyone but me is very much entertained by whatever crap he says. I cant even squeeze out notes to jot down lor, like during the rare times in which i actually TRY to tune in to his frequency. Too bad for him and for me. And I think i'm really getting emotionless. I used to grumble when i go home late but now I don't even utter a sound when i stay back in school till 11pm to do editing. Like toally resigned to fate. I don't feel anything at all. Not even the thought of arashi/updated manga waiting at home for me would cheer me up.

sighs. I shall enjoy whatever short-lived holiday I have for now. Maybe i'll get more angsty when sch starts. ha.

the babysitter

just replaying an episode from my babysitting tales...

nephew: 去chicken!
me: huh?
nephew: 去 chicken! *gestures gestures*
me: ohhhh. kitchen! XD

and all thanks to me, my nephew is calling his mother 大姐. snigger

if only kids dont get annoying as they grow up. sighssss.


I miss hong kong. i miss my pals. I miss freedom. i miss slacking around.

i miss the carefree smiles on our faces.

someone buy me a ticket back?? pretty pls?? :< or just impersonate me for this few months before holiday comes.

i'm terribly sick of sch. hurhur. arent u all sick of it??? let's just tear down the schhhh :3

chewy, the joke

Mew. My friend made a joke out of me. Here's his present for me:

Yes yes laugh all you want :/

i went back for maf. ha ha

Hur. I just came back from MAF (mid-autumn festival for those who donno). Don't ask me why i'm so enthu this year. Basically i was there cos i wanted to get my way overdue birthday prezzie from meowy, BUT SHE FORGOT TO BRING IT! =__=; Stupid meowsy. And she lived just next to hcjc lah. Couldnt even go back and get for me :/ My birthday prezzie is gradually becoming xmas prezzie lor :/

This year very few people from my class went back. Some are on exchange, some overseas, and some had family dinners/birthday parties. And others? Just pure unenthu and resting at home (just like wad i would have done if meowsy hadnt lured me to MAF with the prezzie). Mew but it wasnt too bad. I met xuefen and other LEP people and we just stood around camwhoring. Ohh and i saw BengBeng! Ring a bell?? My maths tcher! She actually remembers me. Said she knew i was from RV. I was kinda stumped there. Which means she still remembers me from the first-three-months days??? snigger. Then i asked if she remembers i was her maths rep. She nodded with an "of course". Oh well all i can say is she has a terrific memory :D

Then i saw chen bo shi also. wahahha. She said i look more mature now? err donno wad that means cos i saw weiying before that and she commented that i look younger :3 I still cant believe she got A for chinese history. How scary. But how can someone who get A for something as horrible as chinese hist score worse for LEP? I totally dont understand. hurhur.

Anyway it's an unproductive day for me. Woke up late in the morning, then went to toa payoh to yumcha with my family. bleah. I wanted to do some work one lor...sighs. Guess I'll just have to try harder tmr. Provided i dont wake up late. again.




I'm finally done with the schedule which i've been slogging over for the past few days! ^^ And now i'm in a terribly good mood!! XD

Yappari ne, it's all the work that has been causing me to be grouchy and mean (okies maybe i've always been nasty but never so irritable). Though i still have tons of work to follow up on (filming, mgt proj, film paper, korean test) but i'm still happyyyy~~ At least for now :D

I think i look very ugly now lor. Simply cos i havent been sleeping enough =__= Had fun with the aunties on sat but the overnight karaoke session was terrible. Half of the time i was trying to sing without cracking/going off tune cos somehow my throat doesnt function at night. Or maybe it's cos of the chocolate cake we had for auntie's bday. Hurhur wadever it is. Then it was freaking colddddd. I was so sleepy, and yet i couldnt fall asleep cos chewy is no polar bear :/

Anyway this morning i was pretty annoyed. This guy who was sitting next to me suddenly jolt from sleep and gave me a scare. Then he stoned for a while before stretching behind my back to reach for the bell, knocking my head in the process. Like that's not enough hor, he slammed his big bag into my face when he squeezed past me to the door. grahhhh. What a bad way to start a day.

Then later in the LT, i saw 2 girls sitting on one seat. ONE SEAT! omg yucks. And girl A was resting her head on girl B, who caressed her head with the side of her face. Double yuck. Just cos the LT is dark (we were watching a film) doesnt mean no one can see. AT LEAST I CAN. it was totally kimochi warui :<

mee meh moo..now that i'm done bitching, i shall return to my good mood XD shall try to read some manga today (though i still need to think of a script for my 1min film) but i dont careeeeeee. At least not tonight ^^


There are a thousand ways to piss me off, and one way is to put an irritating banner ad that pops out everytime u load your email page. And the worse thing is it doesnt close when u click the tiny little CLOSE sign at the bottom left corner and that it takes up like 1/4 of the page so  it practically blocks all the relevant weblinks. I've to refresh n refresh just to clear 8 emails =.=

I'm so not gonna use johnson-johnson's acuvue :/

good dream!

i had a succession of dreams last night. I dont rem everything but one struck pretty deep:

i was buying yakult at a grocery shop with mel (dont ask me why it's her and not someone else) and i was really excited to find the bottled miniature ones which are of limited edition. So i quickly bought 2 (it was on a one-for-one promotion) and somehow the cashier's so enraptured by mel's beauty (snigger i think so cos he looked stumped. mel pls feel flattered) he gave me back 1000sg as change!! i still rem it's one $800 note and 2 $100 notes lor!! Wah i quickly stuffed them back in my wallet and dragged mel out of the store.

Then when we were outside, i showed mel the 1000bucks and she scolded me for being greedy (hurhur mel's usually not that righteous one lor. i wonder why she's so idealized in this dream =__=). i told her my friend's bday is coming up (auntie auntie!) and to feel less guilty, i promised to donate whenever i see anyone selling flags. And the dream ended :/

Dont know what it means but it got me high for a while before i woke up and realised it's just a dream. bleah


Ho it's a lonely day. Anyway tuesdays are lonely for me. I've a tutorial in the morning and most of them are year4s so i'm pretty much alone in that class. It's a good thing the tutor doesnt do interactive group discussions so i'm fine being friendless.

And that's followed by a 3hour break, then korean.

But the main point is, i ate lunch today! ALONE! AT THE CANTEEN! snigger. I tried to jio xiaomeng for lunch but she's busy with presentation preparations so i didnt have a choice. Well i can always opt not to eat but if i do that my stomach would growl in the korean class and that'd be VERY audible :/

kekeke aren't u proud of me?? Actually i've always been ok with doing stuff by myself. Like watching movies, eating lunch, shopping etc. I used to go to PizzaHut for their lunch express, all by myself! Hehehe. And the waitress always shows me to the same seat, which i think is more obscure and less din-deh :/ But eating alone at the school canteen?? That's a first :D

Surprisingly i didnt feel that self-conscious. I saw quite a few familiar faces (including mel's eyecandies. ahem) but they arent really friends so no one stopped to express their sympathies, But anyway if i were to see someone sitting alone at the table and eating, i'd assume he/she is waiting for a friend to return from buying food. So yea, i guess it's all in your mind. No one really cares and remembers who's having lunch alone. Except yourself, that is.